HGV & Dumper Truck Wheel Chocks

DJM Trading are one of Europe's leading suppliers of rubber wheel chocks.

New to our product range is the HGV 220 chock designed for HGV's to comply with ADR and Hazardous Material regulations.


We also supply mud flaps, HGV trailer bumpers and loading bay dock bumpers.

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HGV Wheel Chock & Wheel Chock Holder

HGV 220 Wheel Chock

To comply with ADR and Transport of Hazardous Materials regulations, vehicles carrying Hazardous materials are required to carry wheel chocks. DJM Trading have produced a new light weight plastic chock and holder to meet these regulations.

Weighing less than 2.0kg these light weight chocks are easy to handle and transport.



470mm x 190mm x 220mm (l x w x h)



Steel chock holder,

Can be screw mounted on HGV trailer or a wall. Make sure you always know where your chocks are with this simple steel holder specially designed for our HGV 220 Wheel chock


HGV Wheel ChockThis solid rubber chock is manufactured in yellow rubber for extra visability and a moulded handle for eas of use. This wheel chock is suitable for HGV vehicles, agricultural vehicles and trailers etc.



470mm x 190mm x 220mm (l x w x h)



CWC Yell HD Wheel Chock Specifications

CWC 440 Titan Wheel Chock

HGV Wheel ChockDesigned especially for large wheeled vehicles such as dumper trucks and road graders JCB's etc the Titan weighs 25Kg and features a wide base for extra stability.



330mm x 440mm x 258mm (l x w x h)



CWC 440 Titan Wheel Chock Specifications